Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is not something we take lightly, as we are committed to building solid business relationships, which require earning and maintaining trust. We understand the importance of a strict privacy policy when it comes to sensitive, personal information being transmitted on the internet, and due to this we take it very seriously.

We wish to communicate what forms of information we collect from you, how this information can be used and protected, and you are able to control its use.

The information contained within this Privacy Policy strictly applies to the collection and use of information by Buyfromla on this website. It does not apply to any of the information you send to us by other means. Any alterations or modifications to this Privacy Policy will be communicated here on this page, so it is important to check back on occasion.

Information collected from you

The information we collect from you varies, depending on the ways you use our website, and not all browsing results in the collection of date, personal or otherwise. It is highly possible you may browse our site without submitting any personal information however there are instances where submitting information, such as your name, address, email address, etc is required.

Besides the information you choose to submit, our systems are programmed to collect certain types of data on an anonymous level. This is done to give us insight on how our site is being used, as well as to help us understand how we may improve it in the future. This typically entails automatically gathering data such as any of the content you view on our website.

How your information is used

On our website, we utilize “cookies.” What these are is small files, which we send to and store on your computer so that we are able to recognize it as a unique machine on your next visit. These cookies allow us to know you are a prior customer and they allow us to personalize the experience for you, providing useful information, advertisements, and messages that may be of interest to you. It should also be known that outside companies offering their products or services through our website may be using their own cookies.

When you provide personal information, it is used to customize your online experience on our website. For instance, your email address is a unique identifier and is kept in our records. When used in conjunction with a password, it is excellent towards the prevention of unauthorized access to any of the information you willingly store on our site. Information you send to use, such as age, occupation, ZIP code, or other data may be used to offer personalized content, beneficial advertisements, products, and additional services that are most likely going to appeal to you based on the information given.

We use personal information to respond directly to requests you may make of us, as well as reference this information should we feel the need to better understand your needs and how we may be able to improve our services, products, and website. We may also be inclined to use this personal information to contact you and/ or provide information we deem may be useful to you such as promotions. There is a possibility that we may share this information with additional companies whose products and services may be of interest to you. There is also a possibility we may enhance or merge this information with data we obtain from third parties for these same intended purposes. Unless specified that you wish not to receive communications from us, we may also send you promotional and/or administrative communications via the email address you have provided. Terminating these communications typically takes a period of 48 hours to take hold from the time you give us notice.

Information such as your computer’s IP address, the browser you use, and a navigation record are types of the information our system gathers, and it is used for purposes of improving our products, services, and website, enhancing convenience, and providing useful content to our audience. The collection of data is also done to further our goal of providing top service, as well as useful content, beneficial advertisements, and products that are going to appeal to you. In this manner, we may link information we have collected from you through a variety of means including automatically as well as through the use of cookies and personal information, and the information gathered via Buyfromla's Customer Care and Home Delivery Program.

Will Your Personal Information Be Secure?

Buyfromla recognizes and understands your concerns on the subject of safety and security regarding your personal information. We are 100% committed to using reasonable technology to protect your information as well as the overall security of our website. With that said, it should be noted that even with such advanced technology, no website is 100% secure. We take reasonable precautions and measures, which we firmly believe are appropriate for protecting your information from alteration, abuse, misuse, loss, and/ or destruction. We also request that any third parties we are affiliated with, whom we may transfer your information to take the same or comparable steps to protect your information and security.